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About the game

2017 is an open world game with elements of survival, crafting, base building with in-game quests and missions.

"Society has collapsed, leaving abject chaos in its place, or 'Broken Britain' as the final pages of the media described before the great demise came to be. It is now a dog eat dog world, where every man or woman is for themselves in a world of degradation, fear, and very little hope."

Based in it's very own custom made map, Bamburgh, you must travel though small coastal and inland towns, all now decayed and left to be claimed by whichever group of survivors can muster the strength to stake it as their own patch.

Vehicles Weapons Items
Bamburgh Objects Sadists Clan
  • Unique systems: With unique systems like fuel in cars, custom crafting GUI, and other features, it is completely unique to this mod.
  • Simplification: With keybinding, and other systems in place to minimize the fumbling around, you can complete your goals faster.
  • Fast & Safe: With optimized code to improve FPS rates, and strengthen security on backend.
  • Dynamic: AI system, and dynamic weather, the possibilities are ever changing.